Grenada’s Minimum Wage Shift 2024

Effective January 1, 2024, Grenada’s Government has ushered in a pivotal update to the minimum wage, reshaping the landscape for various sectors and professions. Documented in SRO No. 42 of 2023, this significant change, the first since 2011, reflects a commitment to maintaining fair labor practices and aligns with the Employment Act’s recommendations for triennial revisions.

Key Changes and Inclusions:

The revised Minimum Wages Order mandates a minimum monthly salary of no less than EC$1,200 or no less than EC$60 per day for all working individuals in Grenada. This sweeping adjustment extends its reach to an expanded array of professions, spanning industrial, clerical, security guards, domestic, sanitation, early childhood, caregivers of the elderly, workers in bakeries, agricultural, construction, transportation, helpers/utility workers, media, call center employees, and hospitality.

Impact on Different Professions:

The repercussions of these updated regulations will vary across professions. Store clerks, currently earning EC$700, will witness a substantial 71% increase to EC$1,200, while media workers, including announcers and reporters earning EC$1,000 and under, will enjoy an increase to EC$1,400 per month or EC$375 per week.

Legal Implications:

Employers falling under the scope of the minimum wage order are obligated by the Employment Act to prominently display a notice informing employees of the order’s contents. Failure to comply may result in fines or imprisonment, as detailed in Section 53 of the Act. Section 54 further stipulates fines for employers paying less than the prescribed rate of wages, ranging from $5,000 on the first conviction to $10,000 for subsequent convictions. In cases of non-compliance, the Court may order employers to pay the difference between actual and prescribed wages, along with appropriate interest.

Grenada’s recent adjustment to the minimum wage underscores a commitment to cultivating a fair working environment. As HR consultants, we recognize the critical need for employers to navigate these changes strategically. We stand ready to assist you in comprehending the implications of these adjustments on your workforce and business operations. Contact us today to ensure your organization is well-informed and aligned with the updated regulations. Your proactive approach will not only foster compliance but also enhance the resilience and sustainability of your business in Grenada’s evolving economic landscape.