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Welcome to Paperclip

Thank you for stopping by the online home or Paperclip. At Paperclip, we work with entrepreneurs, leaders and trailblazers to create systems, strategies, and solutions that streamline the way they work and increase operational effectiveness, so they can focus on the core aspects of their business.  

From HR and training to day-to-day operations support, we make it easy for our clients to focus on the big picture, grow, evolve, and create vibrant, and high-performing businesses.

Ready to leverage your time effectively, ramp up your HR, or get help where you need it most? We are here for you.

The 3S Model

Through our work we deliver systems, strategies, and solutions to entrepreneurs, leaders and trailblazers 


Systems are procedures, processes, methods, or a set of actions designed to gain a specific result. Creating effective business systems is essential to attaining results that are specific, consistent, measurable, and ultimately benefit customers.


Strategy is your road map. It helps determine the direction of your business. A clearly defined strategy provides the guidelines and structure needed to develop your business grow it, and help you attain your desired business goals.


We tap into our range of skill-sets, resources, and tools to deliver solutions that are bespoke and relevant to your unique needs. You can count on us to take your unique position into account as we work to find what works for you.

Book A Consultation

We’d love to get to know more about your business, your goals and challenges, and share a bit more about us.  Let’s have an in person or virtual get-to-know-each other meeting. We’ll explore if we are a good fit as well as possible ways we can work together. These meetings are free and there is no obligation to commit.

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