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― Alan Rios

True laziness is the commitment to decrease work and increase efficiency; reduce burden and boost creativity; expand your knowledge and avoid complications; minimize effort and still get it done.

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We help you focus on the core, revenue-generating aspects of your business, the things you enjoy and are the work you do best.

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We help get the word out on what you have to offer, why it matters and how it will make meaning for those who use it.

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Have a question, need advice, want some clarity? Get in touch with us if you’d like to set up a meeting or work with us.

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I’m Carlana, Founder of Paperclip

I partner with small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them work smarter, increase their visibility, achieve greater results in their business, and make more money. See what Paperclip can do for you and get in touch to start a conversation.

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Client Feedback

  • She took my idea and my passion and helped me develop a mind blowing business side hustle.
  • Carlana has been amazing! I came to realize that I spend more time working IN my business than ON my business. Our conversation helped me finally see the forest through the trees. She has an immense amount of experience and was able to help me identify growth strategies that are specific to my goals.

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