Here’s what some of what clients have to say about working with Paperclip.

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Paperclip, a hands-on HR consultancy, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative for our organization. From the onset, their team exhibited a deep understanding of our unique challenges and needs. They didn’t just offer standard solutions; they were truly hands-on, immersing themselves in our company culture to tailor their approach.”

“We engaged Paperclip for their recruitment expertise, and the results have been remarkable. Their approach to talent acquisition is both strategic and personalized, ensuring that each candidate is not only skilled but also a perfect fit for our company culture. Their extensive network and deep understanding of our industry have allowed us to fill positions efficiently and with top-tier talent. Paperclip’s involvement has significantly enhanced the quality of our hires, positively impacting our team dynamics and overall productivity.”

“Our ongoing partnership with Paperclip as our retained HR consultants has been invaluable. Their team is always available, providing prompt and expert advice on a range of HR matters. This retainer relationship has allowed us to proactively address employee concerns, refine our policies, and stay compliant with evolving regulations. Their insights and support have not only enhanced our HR operations but also contributed significantly to our overall organizational growth and employee satisfaction. Their expertise and dedication make them an integral part of our team.”