Staying grounded in a pandemic

How’s your heart? I’m doing well. Just gradually adjusting to being house and yard bound. I’m noticing that once freedom and connection are taken away, I need it more. Perhaps you’re having the same experience, too?

We have all been forced to slow down and evaluate what we think is important. It will be a couple of interesting months, to say the least, and I am looking to see how these days transform me as a person and us as a society. I’m starting to lean into quarantine and enjoying slowing down. I’m thankful for the time and space this unfortunate situation has given me to engage in restorative and nurturing practices. I’m trying to find the silver lining in it, too. 
I’ve been keeping sane, calm, and grounded in these unprecedented times by:

  • Tending to my plants – pruning, propagating and talking to them. Yes, I talk to my plants.
  • I started doing pilates again after an almost 10-year break! Pilates is a great form of exercise. It helps tighten and tone your whole body, and also stabilize your muscles and increase overall strength. It is a low-impact exercise that can be done indoors, too.
  • Baking up a storm. Nothing quite beats to smell of fresh bread.
  • Getting on top of writing and creative projects. 
  • Outdoor gardening, again. I finally took the seeds that have been in my fridge forever and day and planted them out.
  • Talking to my Creator
  • Virtual coffee dates on WhatsApp and FaceTime

Some ideas for if you’re bored, uninspired, or need a distraction:

  • Start a new project. 
  • Catch up on your reading or start reading again. I subscribe to Scrid and for $8 a month, I get unlimited audio and ebooks. Here’s my link if you wish to subscribe.
  • Binge on Netflix and YouTube(moderate binge, if there is such a thing?)
  • Have a virtual coffee date
  • Clean that room you’ve been avoiding
  • Start an online course
  • Start working out – again. There’s a lot you can do indoors, just go to YouTube for inspiration
  • Rest – mentally and physically
  • Pray