Paperclip Limited

It takes work to build a community, courage to lean into connection, conversation to inspire transformation, and collaboration to bring it all together. We believe the effort is worth it so we created the space to make it all happen. Paperclip presents Workology.

At Workology we provide the space and the support to enable entrepreneurs, community leaders, dreamers, creatives, businesses, groups, and advocates to do their best work in an environment that will encourage them to share their ideas, connect, and get stuff done.

We offer 3 spaces for your convenience and depending on your needs. Our prices are $25, $65, and $100 per hour depending on your room of choice.

Your booking comes with complimentary wifi and unlimited tea, coffee, and filtered water. We can offer custom pricing based on hours and frequency of use, so feel free to ask! To view our rooms, see the pics below. To make a booking call us on 407-0155 or send us an email at

Need a space in St. George’s? We highly recommend The Connection. The Connection is located on the second floor of Gleans Garage on Kirani James Blvd. and is great for events such as workshops, meetings, etc. Visit their site here – and tell them we sent you!

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