• Business Advising


    Advising is process that involves active dialogue and listening. We offer solutions, strategy, and clarity. Personalised advising services delivered in a collaborative, approachable, and judgement-free manner.

    Duration : 120 MIN

  • Business Planning


    Writing a business plan is the best way to determine whether an idea for starting a business is feasible. Taking the time to prepare a plan will save you a great deal of time, money and potential disappointment.

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    Hot Desk Services


    Looking for a space to work, research, or collaborate for a few hours or the entire day? We recommend our hot-desk. Enjoy our wifi, air conditioned space, refreshments, and more.

      Duration : Per Day

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With business advising you receive strategy, advice, and recommendations from an advisor. The approach is collaborative and we brainstorm together and come up with an action plan based on what you decide. We work with you to make this plan a reality, and we make ourselves available (within reason) whenever you need us.

For a limited time we are offering free consultations. This may change in the future.

Our hot desk is offered at the daily rate of $30. There is no hourly rate and we do not pro-rate the $30 fee based on hours of usage. However, if you use the space for less than an hour, we charge $20. Anything over one hour is charged at $30, the daily rate. We have designed our pricing as such so small businesses and entrepreneurs can make the most use of our space and services at an incredibly affordable rate.

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