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The Small Business Start-up Kit is a modified DIY alternative to our Startup Consulting service. This DIY PDF kit is ideal for the entrepreneur who wants to reduce the pitfalls and misinformation associated with the start-up phase start-up.

The kit includes 30 Forms in PDF format:

– Business Name Registration
– Products & Services Guideline
– Start-Up Checklist
– Recommendations on Choosing a Business Structure
– Business Plan Worksheet
– Target Market Worksheet
– Ideas for Funding Your Business
– A Guide to Creating A Mission Statement
– Start-Up Costs Worksheet
– Monthly Budget
– Loan Application Checklist
– Business Lease Checklist
– Business Insurance Planning Worksheet
– Job Analysis Worksheet
– Office Equipment Budget
– Income Statement
– Schedule of Operating Expenses
– Cash Flow Statement
– Operating Cycle
– About your Business worksheet
– Daily Intentions
– Business Journal & Vision Board
– Branding Checklist, and more

Feel free to get in touch with us to purchase the Small Business Startup Kit.

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