Paperclip Limited

FAQ’s on working with Paperclip. If your question is not answered below, ask us by sending an email!

Q. Is there a minimum contract period to work with you?
A. There is no fixed contract period. You can hire us for a period of one month or you can retain our services for a lifetime.

Q. What are the setup charges for working with you?
A. As of now, there are no setup fees to work with us but this can change in the future.

Q. What are your normal working hours?
A. Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM AST. If you need us outside these hours we are open to discussing it.

Q. Once we start working will I have direct and easy access to you?
A. Yes, you can contact us at any time during our business hours using, phone, WhatsApp, or email.

Q. Is my data confidential? How can I be sure that my details are safe with you?
A. Any and all information that you share or is produced on your behalf will remain your property. We will never use your information for our gain nor will we sell, transfer or use the work produced with any third-party entity. We are also happy to sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement.

Q. Do you observe any public holidays?
A. Yes. We are a Grenada based company and observe local public holidays. At the start of the year, we send a list of the days we will be closed to our clients and the week before a pubic holiday we send out reminders. If you need us to be available on any public holiday, let us know in advance and we will see how it can be worked out.

Q. How do you track the work is done and the number of hours worked for retainer clients?
A. Depending on the work done we use different tools. For some clients, we charge a flat monthly fee to provide specific services. For others, we track time in 10-minute increments. We provide weekly and monthly reports so you are always knowledgable of what we are doing and how the time you’ve paid for is going. You are encouraged to contact us at any time if you need an update or feel you will need additional service or more of our time.

Q.Will outsourcing work for me?
A. Outsourcing has been embraced by many professionals and small businesses as a way to leverage time and save money. Many see it as an important contributor to the success and growth of their business. At the same time, we would be the first to acknowledge that it’s not for everyone. To partner successfully with an outsourcing provider you need to understand that the provider is not your employee, but a business who works with other business owners and entrepreneurs to help them save time and money. You also need to be open to new ideas and the alternative ways business can be conducted.  Finally, and perhaps the most important, you must be willing and able to delegate to others.

Q. Do you offer different billing and service options?
A. Yes. For some clients, we charge a fixed monthly fee for specific ongoing services while for others. For those who want our support for a set number of hours per month for a range of tasks, we offer a retainer package where they pay us for a certain number of hours per month. We do not roll-over retainer packages so we encourage clients to utilize all the hours of their package. For projects, such a design or video creation we generally charge a flat fee, with half being paid before the start of the service, another midway the project and the final balance on completion.

Q.How do I start a client relationship with Paperclip?
A. A relationship will begin with a free complimentary consultation where you will tell us all about your business and the type of service or services you are interested in. We then assess your needs and explain how our service works and some of the ways that we might effectively serve you. This is also the time where we will determine if we make a good fit. Once we agreed to enter into a client/provider relationship, we will provide you with our New Client Package, and other pertinent information.

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